Jericho Café Belize

Jericho Café Belize offers a spacious and colourful studio apartment for rent.


Kit list

WHAT SHOULD I PACK???  Here’s a few useful items one of our recent visitors kindly suggested for future travellers;

I can pack everything I need for an extended trip into a carry-on sized bag by choosing clothes that layer. I have a carry-on sized conversion pack (straps tuck away as needed) that has an attached day pack.

I pack valuables and some personal items in the day pack and most of the clothes (that I’m not wearing) in the main compartment. Here’s what I took to Belize to accommodate 2-3 weeks inland with high altitude mountain hikes included and 2-3 weeks of beach time:

3-4 wicking-type shirts

1 light weight long sleeved shirt

2 pairs of light weight convertible (zip off to become shorts) long pants

1 sarong (skirt, swim wrap, doubles as towel or sleeping sheet)

1 bandana and one silicon-neck-cooler bandana

1 sunhat with strap

1 light weight sleeveless nightgown

2 swimsuits

1 light weight fleece jacket (liner type that can be worn alone)

1 light weight goretex rain coat

uns and socks (incl. 1 neoprene pair I wear under Keens for hiking and
under fins for diving/snorkel’g)

flip flops for beach and showers

Keen water shoes for everything else, including lots of light hiking (they
have great support and a rubber toe protector); if you’re planning hardcore
hiking, take boots

Cash, ATM and VISA cards, passport, etc.

Flight and lodging reservations, emails, receipts, etc.

Small medical kit and sewing kit

Cheap watch with alarm

Toiletries and prescription meds

Sunglasses, spare glasses, disposable contacts for diving/rainforests

Sunblock and bug stuff (Cactus Juice and Sawyer’s Time Release Deet Formula,
baby oil for sand flies)

Water purification pump (I’m a budget traveller)

Collapsible drinking cup

LCD headlamp



Camera, etc. (and underwater bag or 1-2 underwater disposables)

Smallish waterproof binoculars

Guidebook and copied map pages

Laminated plant and animal i.d. cards

Journal/writing materials

Reading material and Spanish/English dictionary

Small gifts for kids and hosts

Small dice and yahtzee papers

A small, flexible disc (like a frisbee)

Various ziplocks, cable ties, small bungie cords

3-4’ of duct tape wrapped around a waterproof marker

String and a few clothespins or 3-4 feet of braided surgical tubing –
great clothesline

Half a roll of t.p. removed from core and flattened

I buy water and reuse the bottle and usually pick up an inexpensive pocket knife when I get there. I like having my own snorkel and mask, but my husband joined me two weeks into the trip and brought them with him; he has to check luggage anyway because of his fishing poles. Jericho Café Belize offers a spacious and colourful studio apartment for rent.

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